02 April 2009

Uniform regression

A couple of days ago I found an old shirt of Sir John's, one I've never seen him wear, and adopted it. I like the dark red stripe.

I used to be pleased at how much I'd changed since high school. I got contacts, cut my waist-length hair to about 3 inches long, acquired a closet full of silk shirts and tailored skirts, trousers, and blazers to wear them with. I looked like a grown-up.

A couple of years ago I got bored with short hair and started growing mine out, so I could put it up and play with it. A French twist, with graying hair, looks very professorial.

Before going out in Sir John's shirt, I checked the mirror. Long hair, glasses, jeans, guy's shirt: anyone I went to high school with would recognize me instantly.

It's not that I haven't changed since then, but here I am, changed back.


squadratomagico said...

Tee-hee! Those sorts of moments are always sorta fun.

meg said...

Everybody talks about second childhood, but no one talks about second adolescence...

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

Meg: it sucked hard enough the first time.