07 April 2009

Still in second adolescence

The responsible, adult thing to do would be to work on The Paper That Will Not Die (TPTWND). I might even be able to kill it off today.

I want to go get my hair cut.

Sir John claims he'll come home early so we can have drinks together in the late afternoon.

So I should go to the gym before then.

Which doesn't leave a lot of time for sneaking up on TPTWND with my ninja-like footnote attacks. So I should do that now, instead of getting my hair cut.

My hair is driving me crazy. (In other ways, spring is delayed, but the crazy-hair thing tells me that yes, it is April.)

Since I still have some coffee left, maybe I could stand to work till it's done. Also I should let Basement Cat out for interaction with the others, which still has to be supervised (but Prozac has helped him a lot).

If this were first adolescence, I'd be staring at the clock in chemistry, or watching my lab partner set a test tube rack on fire. Maybe I can bear another round with TPTWND. Maybe Basement Cat is my new lab partner.

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