30 April 2009

Criminal practice

I haven't really thought much about Basement Cat's tendency to put toys in his water bowl. Foam balls squeeze out easily, mylar balls shake out, both dry quickly. It was rather nice, in fact, to think that Basement Cat was engaging in ordinary cat play instead of pursuing drug deals.

(I'll remind you of the evidence: found on a city street corner; black Mercedes with personalized plates; tried to steal both my checkbook and my cell phone; shut in the bathroom, went straight for the painkiller bottle left on the windowsill. I'm convinced the young lady who found BC interrupted, uh, business, & BC has been trying to get back in the game ever since.)

But today the water bowl contained a toy mouse.

Wearing tiny concrete boots.

Basement Cat swears it was an accident. The mouse went for a walk in wet clumping cat litter (well, someone should scoop more often, poor mouse!), and then overbalanced and fell into the water bowl.

I'm afraid. Very afraid.


medieval woman said...

Oh god - this cracked me up! Does basement Cat happen to say, "youse guys?"

Belle said...

Great stuff; BC definitely has the cojones to tackle IB. Thanks for the laughs. Oh, and you might want to consider residential rehab for BC; he's very sneaky.

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

Belle, glad I could give you a laugh! Posts on Basement Cat and his antics go back to last summer, if you want to go through the archives. Some of the BC-and-ninja stuff may just be comments on other people's blogs, though I recall riffing on that topic somewhere, sometime.