31 December 2011

What the hell: celebrate!

Looking at some other blogs tonight, it seems that 2011 is getting mixed reviews. I don't have any special attitude toward it: certainly not one of my worst years, but it doesn't stand out particularly either. It was a year. I've had almost 50 of them. At this point, I'm happy just to be here and healthy.

But hey, it's New Year's Eve, and one of my basic principles is that Any Excuse Is A Good Excuse for champagne. Although we're staying in tonight (working crossword puzzles, watching some B5, the usual sort of quiet happy Hull evening) and will quite likely be in bed before midnight, we toasted the New Year as it came into London and I'm still slightly tipsy. Love the lovely champers.

So happy New Year to both regular readers and anyone who just stops by! I hope 2012 brings you good things, or at least Sucks Less (hat tip to What Now). Hope for the future is always worth celebrating. Enjoy the real or virtual bubbly, and come back soon for the next WWW post.


Clarissa said...

Happy New Year, Dame Eleanor!

I'm a little tipsy on champagne right now, too. :-) It was the trademark Soviet champagne in our case. :-)

Good Enough Woman said...

That's what I forgot to bring to the cabin: Champagne!

rented life said...

Happy New Year!

Sitzfleisch said...

Happy New Year!