04 December 2011

Thys may wel be rym dogerel

In th’olde dayes of the Teching Kynge,
Who knew best how to manage everythynge,
This land was filled of grading fayerye.
Th’endityng elves, with her compaignye,
Daunced ful ofte on many a scolar’s book,
Esily seen by any that myght look.
This was the olde opinioun, as I rede;
But now the worde is come that elves be dede.
For now the service and utilité
Of Blacke Borde and such futilité
That filleth every classe and every halle
As thikke as leves that in autumn falle,
This maketh that ther ben no fayeryes.


Fretful Porpentine said...

Thys ys completely awesumme.

Bardiac said...

Indeed! I long for grading elves, fairies, and gnomes!

Z said...


Leslie M-B said...

Love this! (If you find any, could you kindly send some grant-reviewing fairies in my direction?)