23 June 2011

Chance is a fine thing

OMG. I have just spent hours making final travel arrangements for my trip to the UK, when I should have been/wanted to be working on my various papers. I had one night unaccounted for; I didn't think it would be difficult to find somewhere suitable, but it was a weekend night, and I think I ran into two-night minimums at a lot of places. The obvious thing seemed to be to stay in London near the station I'd be traveling out of the next day, but all the hotels I tried (online) showed no vacancies, and the alternatives I got offered were northwards of 150 quid. I don't think so, thanks.

Since nowhere in England is so very far from anywhere else, I'll be staying in the south, near where I'm rambling around that day. The next day's travel is still very manageable. The hotel I booked looks quite attractive. The one negative online review was from a man who complained because when he left the window open, the cat came in. Some folks don't know when they're well off.

The hotel response was even more encouraging: though they don't keep a hotel cat, there are eight cats in the near vicinity.

Do you think I need to leave an open can of tuna in my room, or will catnip likely be sufficient?

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