07 June 2011

1376 words

I sat down to work on an outline for another sub-section of the writing project, but wound up writing about ideas on that topic that I hadn't thought of before. I will have to see who else has written about one of these ideas. It connects so obviously to a Well-Known Motif that I'm sure someone else has done the connecting. I can't help thinking, however, how very cool it would be if this were to be a new discovery. Which it won't be. But I'll leave the disappointment till tomorrow, because I need to go on to do some reading and noting for the conference paper. Or maybe day-after-tomorrow, because I have to go to campus tomorrow, and that will eat time.

Oh, and I'm done with the thousand lines of translation. I can return to the beginning and start polishing. That's the hard part.


Renaissance Girl said...

So intrigued about the translation, wondering what text is offering you so much fun.

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

Another 21,304 lines to go, if that's any help.