05 December 2010

Not a good weekend

I brought the grading on myself; I'm not even complaining about that. And worrying over sick cats is a pretty standard part of my life (sorry to say). But there's more:

My "losing streak" continues. I washed an earring down a shower drain at the gym yesterday. Two libraries are getting unhappy about books I had from ILL. I'm fairly sure I returned them weeks ago (I remember reading one at the gym to prepare to return it, as it wouldn't renew), but I can't find either the receipts for them or the books themselves, and I've been very good about collecting receipts this year. I may have had some "brilliant" idea about a safe place to stash them, which is so safe that I can't find it. I don't think I've ever lost a book. I'm more a hoarder of books than a loser of them. I will have to ask the libraries to do a search, but I'm not very hopeful here. I've combed my study, my office, and my car.

And last night I got rear-ended while stopped at a stoplight on an icy road. No visible damage to the car, but I'll have to get it checked out. My neck hurts, but not so much that I'm really worried; it hurts no more than in a collision that was my fault a few years back.

It could be worse. A lot worse. It's really all small stuff that isn't worth sweating; if I refrained from writing this post, I might not even remember all this in a year, even in a few months. But I'm feeling sorry for myself.

OK, back to grading. Condolences to anyone else in grading jail. Should we send secret messages and stage a prison revolt?


Dr. Virago said...

Oh man, all of that sucks! Sorry to hear it!

Nicole said...

*patpatpat* Hopefully next week will be much better!

My grading prison doesn't start until the 13th... We get out too late.

the rebel lettriste said...

ooh! so sucky to be in the car accident!