15 January 2012

In the eye of the beholder

Comrade Physioprof opines, in the comments to my last, that I have "an illness."

Oh, yes, I do, but it's not what he thinks.

Organizing one's books in LC order is a minor eccentricity for an English professor (and visit the Little Professor's blog, say here, for an example of someone who has more books than I do); among librarians, I'm sure it's considered a professional hazard at worst, and probably a sign that you really love your job.

However, staying up three hours past bedtime to pore over snippets of excruciatingly illegible secretary hand (see here for an example) in an effort to decide whether any of them were written by the same chap who signed his name on a flyleaf, and if so how many, and whether the marginalia with very similar letter forms but with a different slant should be assigned to the same chap or assumed to be from a different writer . . . that's sick.

I can grant that, but I still think people with food blogs are weird.


Comrade PhysioProf said...

The handwriting sleuthery sounds like a lot more fucken fun than categorizing bookes!

Ink said...

HA HA! Love and understand this completely.

In fact, one of the characters in my current writing project explains that yes, she went into a private room to read the titles of the items on the bookshelf...this is told to someone who does NOT understand such compulsions and is therefore suspicious of her. But we understand, right? ;)

rented life said...

I have to agree with CPP here--the hand writing sleuthery does sound like more fun. My aunt was a librarian, you can imagine how her books are organized.

Ink--I have a character that does something similar..with music. I suppose we all have our quirks :)