28 November 2009

When it rains . . .

Thanksgiving weekend: 148 individual items to grade before Monday, of which 11 grad papers and 77 substantial undergrad assignments (72 items to go). Two sick cats, and associated vet visits: we very much hope this is a passing virus and not the Grammarian's kidney disease acting up, plus something unknown in the Scot; also that, if it is just a virus, that it does not get passed on to the others. One attempt to give sub-cutaneous fluids to the Grammarian, which was not successful. Two dead or dying laptops, both Sir John's, both work-issued, one new, with a major deadline looming.

We're having a high old time around here, I assure you.

1 comment:

Thoroughly Educated said...

Oh no! Here's hoping for a let-up. Þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg.