27 November 2009

Call for papers: IMA/MAM

If you don't have anyplace warmer to go in February, allow me to invite you to the Illinois Medieval Association/Medieval Association of the Midwest conference at Dominican University, River Forest, IL. A friend of mine is organizing it, and you can visit the official website here; call for papers here. The theme is "The Ends of Romance," and although the original deadline for submitting abstracts has passed, the organizer assures me that there is still room on the program.

I will be there, and would like to contribute something; however, I am already committed to two different conference papers next spring, and the last time I did three in a semester I swore I wouldn't do that again. So I'm wondering about a round table about exile and/in romance: if this interests any of my readers, leave a comment or e-mail either Dame Eleanor or my real-life address, if you know me. (If you don't, come to the conference and discover the woman behind the mystery!)

An alternative idea for a round table is blogging. At the May 2009 Kalamazoo, I had to chair an in-honor-of session across the hall from the blogging session, so was tantalizingly close but completely unable either to attend or overhear. If anyone from that session would like to reprise it, again, let me know.

Traditionally, the IMA weekend is unseasonably warm and gets everyone hoping for an early spring, which then fails to appear. But at least the weekend provides a break from the usual winter weather. And hey, if you're a cat person, you can come over and meet the menagerie: how's that for an incentive? Basement Cat would love to co-opt some new servants of darkness.

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medieval woman said...

Ooo, the roundtable on exile and romance sounds interesting - what would be involved? Just a query!