03 February 2012


This is my 454th post at this site, and it will be the last.

You can find me at dameeleanorhull.wordpress.com. Please update your links.

I'm leaving because I am not happy about Google's new privacy policy. It's not that they know that much about me, in any of my incarnations. I log in and out rather than staying on. It's the principle of the thing. So I'm voting with my feet and taking the blog elsewhere. I have also changed the search engine that I use, and I will be moving anything else in my life that has to do with Google.

Like the cats, I hate change. I'm not thrilled about finding my way around a new interface. I miss the clean simplicity of the Google search page. But I'll get used to the changes, because they matter to me (though this may seem silly to you).

I don't even have such a lot of principles, but one that is very basic to me is the need for and right to privacy. And I like WordPress's privacy policy a lot better than Google's.

You'll find a post for the next writing group stint at the new place.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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