06 May 2009


Oh . . . the paper . . . well, it's written, but I'm working on the slides.

No, I meant that I spent yesterday evening in the company of Leonard Cohen and a couple thousand other fans. It was good. Only, I do wonder about all the extra musicians and backup singers. He's been going that way on albums for awhile, but I think he's a brilliant songwriter whose songs sound great with just an acoustic guitar and the man himself. Maybe a bass and harmonica if you insist. Still, that's his vision, and there's something to be said for experiencing the artist's own idea of what should happen.

Still . . . makes me think editors do very important work. Or maybe it's the medievalist in me that thinks less is more.


medieval woman said...

you're doing slides for your presentation???!!! You are going to way out-cool me... ;) I just have a handout with two quotes...

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

If your handout is already made up, you're ahead at the moment. And there's nothing to go wrong with the low-tech approach. I always fear my laptop won't talk to the other equipment and I'll wind up saying, to a large group, "Take my word for it," and to a small one, "Just gather around my laptop . . . no, don't click that!"