09 October 2011

Oh, noooes

If I didn't have to spend most of tomorrow in a series of meetings topped off with a night class, I'd be in great shape with the grading.

Or if my out-of-town friend had visited some other weekend.

Or if I hadn't stayed up much too late on Friday reading a new book that Sir John got me (really, shouldn't one show appreciation for presents?).

Unfortunately, I have done those things I ought not to have done and will do other things that I wish I need not do, and at the moment I feel I should go to bed very soon or there will indeed be no health in me. And since this term I am grading hard-copy papers, I will not be able to grade discreetly during tomorrow's meetings, blast it. Chalk up another point in favor of all-electronic grading, though I still feel that over all, I'm happier marking up paper papers.


Renaissance Girl said...

Hmmm. I never attend a faculty meeting without at least one paper to grade. Not kosher at your place?

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

These are not all-hands meetings where no one notices you; if they were, I wouldn't bother to show up. I only serve on committees involving personnel and policy matters, that give homework and require genuine work and attention. In all seriousness, I would not grade papers while I was supposed to be deciding whether someone should get tenure or not.