24 September 2011

Now for something completely frivolous . . .

Should I get a pair of flannel pyjamas with owls on?

I usually sleep in a t-shirt. Or leggings and a t-shirt. Or half of Sir John's pyjamas with something of mine on the other half. I rarely am in a situation where anyone but Sir John is likely to see me in my sleepwear, so I don't feel any particular need to look even presentable, let alone matchy-matchy. Furthermore, I detest the pastel cutesy look of lots of women's nightwear. So I just don't buy any.

But these are royal blue, not pastel, despite the eyelet trim. And they have owls.

Then again, I toss and turn too much in bed for flannel to be a good idea—I'd wake myself up when the p.j.'s pulled against the sheets. I think I'm talking myself out of it.

But. Owls!


Another Damned Medievalist said...

yes. For lounging. Not sleeping.

Professor Zero said...

Yes, you could wear them when you get up.

I am worse than anyone, I sometimes sleep in clothes. Yes, clothes. I am sometimes one of those professors who teaches in what they slept in, but nobody knows it. If you have a really good, non wrinkly knit tunic, then you just have to pull on tights and a skirt and stick your feet in shoes and you are ready. Very important for teaching 7:40 AM post commute.

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

Z, that's what dresses are for, in my life. Undies, dress, shoes, go! No worries about matching.

Laura said...

I agree with ADM - they would be awesome for lounging in.