11 May 2011

What is going on here?


Much recent grading and gnashing of teeth. One set of grades filed (whew).

Other bits of grading remaining, unlikely to get done in the next few days.

A talk scribbled longhand while one class was taking an exam, typed up and read through at the end of a long day, remaining to be printed out somewhere in the next 26 hours.

Piles of clothing strewn about. Little heaps of vitamin pills on the kitchen table, waiting to be put in a little bottle or ziplock baggie or something.

Too many pairs of shoes all stuffed into a suitcase of their own, because I can't make up my mind.*

About to miss my planned time of departure, but not yet dangerously behind.*

All the symptoms are there: it's a serious case of Kalamazoo fever.

I'll see some of you there, and the rest of you on the flip side.

*I am so glad I live within driving distance: any time I can't decide about clothes, all the options come with (at least, so long as they all fit in the car).

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