14 November 2010

Chaucer was a zombie

I can't quote directly . . . but a student paper's phrasing implies that a couple of hundred years after Chaucer's (presumed) death, he was going to school in chemistry and theology.

I devoutly hope this is a problem with expressing ideas clearly, rather than misunderstanding a scholarly article, or finding a source that really does claim Chaucer as a zombie, or a vampire. Then again, given the historical sensitivity of some of my students, misunderstanding seems quite possible.

Sir John asks when someone is going to write the Un-Morte D'Arthur. Give us credit if you take up the challenge.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What if your student were correct and Chaucer is still lurking among us? (spooky ghost sounds)

Un-Morte d'Arthur. hahahahahahaha!