04 August 2010

One thing done

One of the Things I Had To Do For Someone Else is now finished. The reading didn't really take that long. I wrote 1400 words on it this morning (woke up before 6; I love it when that happens) and sent it off.

When I think about the time it took me, as opposed to the time it has been on the List of Stuff To Do and trying to get to other things first, I think, "I could have done that a long time ago." I know why I try to do other things first. The other things are supposed to be the important stuff. Do your own writing first, etc., etc. And some days, I do. But today it feels really good to have done something that will stay done, and not come back tomorrow demanding another 500 words or another bit of analysis.

The next thing today (after yoga, breakfast and cat-wrangling) has to be paying bills, which is another thing I've been dawdling about because of other stuff that has to get done. I'm really having doubts about this do-the-important-stuff-first routine. Heresy! Will I be burnt on a pile of 7 Habits and books by Boice? But how about getting some of the crap deadline-related stuff out of the way and then going on to play with research, feeling that it's the fun and interesting thing to do once your homework is done?

Sir John is back in the house (his absence was part of why Monday was difficult; it's much easier when we can divide responsibility for sick and well cats), and approves of the writing retreat idea. Once I get course assignments planned, so I know when I can take a grading-free weekend, I'm going to make a reservation for some very bland serene hotel 10-15 miles away from home, where for most of a day there will be no distractions and nothing to do but write. We'll see if this works. If it turns out I'm more productive in familiar surroundings with cats, then at least I'll know that.


undine said...

That's a big thing to have done: 1400 words. Sending it off is even better.

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

The only problem is, they're all for someone else. This was a peer-review. OTOH, it makes me think about how much I actually know about the topic and how I should really get on with writing my own take on it. It is very useful to be reminded of my knowledge base, and that a journal editor thinks of me as an appropriate reviewer for this material. Hm . . . maybe this should become a post of its own.

Miss Kitty said...

Ohh, sick cats...bless your heart. It's tough to get work done when you're looking after and medicating kittehs. Hang in there.

Please do let us know how the writing retreat goes. I applied for time at an artist's retreat in the mountains, in hopes of getting three or four solid weeks alone to finish my novel; haven't yet heard from them, but am keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe a hotel room in a nearby town is the ticket in case I don't get the fellowship. :-)