02 July 2010

It's still forward progress

758 new words . . . in the annotated bibliography. I decided I'd better look at one of the books that ILL just coughed up for me. (Book as hairball? Well, why not? It could be a stage of psychological development. Oral, anal, crispidal. Horripidal? Someone with better Latin than mine needs to contribute the proper term here.)

Anyway, this reading is necessary (and interesting), and my notes will contribute to my argument, and if I count everything in my annotated bibliography I have something like 22,000 words. There must be a paper in here somewhere. I've also reviewed my research journal, which has lists of things the Current Project still requires, including some time with MS images (alas, from B&W microfilm—adequate for my purposes but less inspiring than digitized color). My notes also point out to me that the journal I'm aiming at expects articles of 8000-9000 words, so 6000 isn't exactly the magic threshold.

But it's progress, dammit, and now I'm going to swim.

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Anonymous said...

Huzzah! Progress AND swimming! Woohoo!