06 February 2010

One month down

Incredibly (at least to me . . . check with my students, as it may seem longer to them), we're a month into the spring term already. This means we're in the thick of annual reviews (and I'm on the committee that does the reviewing), our candidates (one opening this year) have been and gone, and there are nine weeks until I have to give my first conference paper of the year. I wish I had something more interesting to report.

We still have a lot of house-related stuff to do. On top of everything else, the dining room chandelier collapsed a couple of days ago. Its collapse was not terminal, but it now shines from the top shelf of the cat tree. I think we will replace it with the light pictured above (which I wanted to place below, but Blogger has its own ideas about layout). We meant to replace that light anyway, but I would have preferred not to have to think about it for a bit longer.

I should go to the gym, but Purry B.C. has climbed into my lap.

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Moria said...

Irrelevantly to the body of the post: once you finish your post, you can switch from rich text to HTML mode to cut-paste the code for the image from wherever Blogger wants it to wherever you want it. Much easier than wrangling with the rich text interface.