24 February 2009

From an undisclosed location

I get to spend a month at a cool East Coast library doing research on the thing that took me to England last summer. That is, it funded the trip, though you may remember I managed to fit in some other research as well, and some conferences, because I am so very hyper-efficient (spear and Percy Folio!). And after just one day my brain is fizzing with ideas about how to make this research serve what I think of as my "real" work, from which I thought this was a mere excursion, originally undertaken to keep an NEH Institute happy.

I feel like I should have much more to say about this but at the moment I'm too bleary-eyed to continue, not to mention being in that sort of fragile, hopeful brain-state that can't quite believe in good fortune and needs to sort of watch the ideas out of the corner of one eye for awhile . . . don't spook them . . . don't make loud noises . . . wait till they settle down a bit.

Yeah, it figures. My ideas are cats. At first they're afraid to come out of the carrier, and before you know it, there is cat hair everywhere and no way to make all the hair coalesce into a tidy cat-shaped object, that is, a book, in this metaphor that is getting slightly out of hand. I'll try to coax the metaphor / cat / idea out from under the bookcase before I post again.

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