26 November 2008

The first five days

Five days into the Forty Days and Forty Nights Writing Wilderness Challenge, I am happy to report that I have written 4326 words. I have consistently produced between 500 and 600 words on whatever I'm working on: a single project each of the weekend days, two projects Monday to Wednesday this week.

I felt pleased with myself over the weekend; on Monday I felt that I was not doing enough; Tuesday I got the work done by 1:00, which made me feel good; today it has taken several hours, with assorted interruptions from family/holiday related phone calls, cats (of which more below), and nose-blowing (did I mention this is a really yucky cold?). I have not yet done any necessary errands or even checked my e-mail. But I did get the day's writing done.

Basement Cat came and lounged on my desk in the sun for awhile. He seemed peaceable and laid-back, rather than energetic and bitey, so I was off-guard. And then, still reclining lazily, he stuck his paw into my half-full mug of tea and knocked it over. On my desk is a large monthly calendar from Office Max, with the months' borders alternating blue, green, and tan. Half of November is now uniformly tan. At least I snatched my laptop out of the way.

Would anyone like an elegant black panther who purrs at people and bites other cats? It's hard to believe he was ever an adorable tiny kitten; at 7 months, he weighs ten and a half pounds, and has all the judgment of a backwards teenager. What percentage of their adult size do cats achieve at 7 months? If it's 3/4, he won't be much bigger than our orange tabby; but I certainly hope he's more than half-way to full-grown. All we need is a 20-pound bully.

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