25 September 2008

The Hull fam damily

Just another evening with both of us at our computers, Sir John cursing loudly, regularly, and elaborately, me reading blog posts and wondering why it seems I have nothing to blog about when I'm not teaching. I didn't think I wrote that much about teaching, but maybe it's that interacting with other people stimulates thought in a way that holing up with books and computers does not.

I used to dream of sharing a home office with my partner, back when I still expected to attach myself to another academic. I imagined a large attic space, desks at opposite ends, looking out windows into trees. A screen in the middle would allow privacy if we wanted; or we could read to each other from funny student papers or interesting scholarly sources.

But it's a good thing our offices are at opposite ends of the house. Whatever's happening with Sir John's work tonight does not sound good, and though I'm used to this sort of thing, I can't say I enjoy it. I think the only time my work drove me to curse loudly enough that Sir John heard me was the year when, around the 5th of January, I realized that the spring semester started a week earlier than I had thought.

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